The latest episode of Free! was pretty amazing - not only because of Kisumi, but I can’t deny he helped.

For errantknightess - Noya-senpai + 2.

I have a thing for drawing people with food hanging from their mouths.

Also, that was the last request. It’s a wrap!

For lubiemanaty - Tanaka + 4. Looks a bit better on paper, but that’s life for you.

For errantknightess - José Carioca + 17 again, funnily enough.

It’s quite fascinating to compare this with the previous request… Although I might have upped the contrast a notch. Still, same set of crayons, cross my heart.

For caroll-in - Grantaire + 17

Have I mentioned green is my favourite drawing colour?

Gytha Ogg, when have you heard me saying that’s a good idea? … Precisely.

For nessiethelakemonster - Granny Weatherwax + 12 (or as close to 12 as I could get). I’m… Not entirely satisfied, but I know I can’t draw aged people well XDD.

Kageyama uses SCARY FACE! It’s not very effective…

For killjoyras - Kageyama + 12 (or thereabouts). Wanted to do something flatter this time. The result is… Weird.


(I acknowledge that I have a problem.)