M% of Many Unnecessary Layers strikes again!

For some unknown reason my lecturer recapped half of his previous monologue today, so instead of taking notes, I doodled this here Vimes. Wanted to do something more Mignola-style, but it turned out like me-style anyway *shrug*.

ALSO! My friend and personal Courf, Nessie, is a bit down on money, so if you can, commission her or buy her society6 stuff. And if you can’t, signal boost!

OC Drawing meme [1/4?]. For errantknightess, who requested character(s) as kids/adults - and since she didn’t specify the character, I took the opportunity and drew the core team of Ex Machina as kids and an adult.

Ugh, how do I marker?

Drumknotts! Because the Patrician’s trusty secretary deserves some love.

I’m personally enamoured with the idea of Vetinari and his minions wearing archaic-looking ‘traditional’ robes over vaguely 19th century clothes… And speaking of Vetinari, I still haven’t got a good enough design for him, so the one in the corner is there solely for the sake of a very faulty height comparison.

One day I swear I’ll post something better than dumb sketches of Hamlet drunkenly reciting the wrong play to his mildly embarrassed scholar.

But not today.

You know that one incredibly boring uni class when you just don’t pay attention and doodle away? Yeah.

(‘Czajnik’ = ‘Kettle’)

Yes, yes, note scribbles again (with the Raven King tweaked a bit, because I needed a wallpaper). Wanted to wait with posting these, but the new set pictures made me too excited.

Class doodles again, this time with some marine oddities, courtesy of Gould’s Book of Fish.

Had the pleasure of translating a bit of Repent Harlequin! a while back and got pretty smitten with the stark opposition of the main characters - which, obviously, resulted in intense thinking about how this can be reflected in drawing.

Sketches to the left are probably the closest I am to actual designs of the Harlequin and the Ticktockman at this point.